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In the first half of the year, focus on the optimization of internal system and build a new 10000 level dust-free workshop for the mounting of higher speed optical modules

On April 15, Xunstone visited Shenzhen Sankechuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sankechuang") to learn the production and operation situation and the latest development plan of Sankechuang in the first quarter of 2022 from Mr. Chen Yuanhui, the general manager of the company.

Shenzhen Sankechuang is a professional EMS electronic manufacturing service provider, which has long been committed to the OEM and OEM service of optical communication PCBA, and also has the sales agency business of mounting equipment. It is reported that the overall development of Sankechuang in the first quarter of 2022 is relatively stable. At present, the delivery of 15 SMT patch lines is normal. The normal operation of production depends on the timely and flexible response measures of the company's management.

Mr. Chen, the founder of the third science and technology innovation, said that at the present time of the epidemic, the "lack of people" and "lack of core" of the factory are also affected. In terms of personnel, we can reduce the dependence of the production line on personnel by replacing machines and systems. In terms of chips, we have set up flexible expedited lines to deal with the urgent order after the customer obtains the materials. Once the chip supply is normal, we will cooperate with the customer to expedite production and supply in the shortest time!

During this visit, Xunstone learned that the maximum speed of PCBA mounting of optical module manufactured by Sanke Chuang is 400G, and the process planning of 800G with higher speed is under way. This year, the company increased its investment in the construction of a 10000-class dust-free workshop, which is expected to be put into use in the second half of this year for PCBA and wafer mounting production. In addition to high-speed optical module mounting, the workshop also has the ability to provide services for laser radar chip mounting.

From the perspective of OEM manufacturers, Mr. Chen believes that, in terms of the domestic market, the capacity of high-speed optical modules such as 400G and 800G is weakening in the short term. Many excellent optical module manufacturers are focusing on R&D and testing and sending samples in small batches, but in the long term, the capacity is improving. In particular, this year's national policy development of the "East to West" project has a very large market space. Then, as a substitute factory, we will continue to improve the production process with the upgrading of customers' products to meet the order requirements of precision OEM before 400G and 800G.

2022 Frequent new actions: update smart devices and software systems

The three core elements of the foundry are the production hardware, software system and product experience. In 2022, Sankechuang focused on internal optimization and upgrading of software and hardware systems, such as the introduction of MES system, and adopted a phased and step-by-step mode. At present, it has implemented applications for more than 20 optical module customers. Mr. Chen said that for the SMT industry, the application advantages of MES system are mainly in the four sectors of intelligent warehousing, error-proofing, product traceability and electronic reporting.

In addition to having an experienced management and technical team, Sankechuang will update a part of equipment for more than three years every year to ensure that the level of equipment hardware is maintained in the best state. It is planned that five new YSM module mounters imported from Japan will be installed and debugged in the factory in June this year, and six will be installed in November to ensure that in terms of production hardware, the equipment will be continuously updated, the production capacity will be improved, and the quality straight-through rate will be guaranteed.

President Chen said: In the future, the factory models of the three scientific and technological innovation are characterized by intelligence, automation, specialization and segmentation, reducing the dependence of the production line on operators, reducing the error rate, reducing the time of material confirmation, improving the one-time pass rate of products, and achieving the goal of accurate and rapid delivery, which needs to be realized through intelligent update and systematic management of the production line equipment.

At present, products in the optical module industry are developing at a high rate, and 100G and above products are starting to be produced. These products are small, thin, thin and dense. In this regard, Sankechuang introduced the nitrogen process three years ago, adopting the nano-process and 3dSPI solder paste detection technology. This year, Sankechuang introduced the 3D AOI solder joint 3D detection automation, which solved the blind area of traditional 2d detection and minimized the solder joint defect detection rate!

The equipment agency business and the main industry OEM service complement each other and have more advantages!

In addition to the OEM business of optical module mounting, Sankechuang last year incorporated the agent sales of YAMAHA brand (including die bond&wire bonding, SMT three parts) full-series brand mounting equipment into the business scope of its subsidiary (Yaben Bank) for independent operation, and also has the agent business of second-hand mounting equipment.

According to General Manager Chen, the placement machine agency business is currently developing steadily. The company has opened a new service point in Shunde, focusing on Midea business. We have cooperated with YAMAHA for nearly 20 years. YAMAHA mounter is flexible and convenient in operation, stable in performance and good in precision, especially for products with high modular precision!

In the view of Mr. Chen, there are certain complementary advantages between equipment agent and OEM business models, mainly in the following aspects:

First, combined with equipment experience, build the best combination of OEM production lines to meet the production needs of different products and different order structures;

Second, the channel advantage, so the most advanced equipment is updated and invested every year to improve the quality and delivery capacity;

Third, grasp the latest equipment trends, upgrade in time, and keep pace with the market development direction;

Fourth, when there is demand for OEM business, take Shenzhen as a model factory, and can expand rapidly.

President Chen revealed that OEM is a low-profit industry. With the rising cost, only by practicing internal skills and having outstanding advantages is the key to the survival of OEM! In the next three years, the planning of Sanke Chuang will focus on system process improvement and equipment optimization, and strive to increase the production capacity by 20-25% on the basis of the same production line scale and manpower.

Because the optical modules or connectors are miniaturized products and the logistics is smooth, at present, Sankechuang has not developed other OEM branches except Shenzhen. However, with the continuous development of the industry, we will consider setting up factories in other parts of the country for supporting OEM if customers have requirements.




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